The following process was developed for Thunderbird 12, and applies to the Windows, Mac, and Linux versions. Earlier versions are similar, but the exact location of a few buttons and checkboxes have moved. Please refer to Mozilla’s Manual Account Configuration document for assistance.

  1. Click the Tools menu and select Account Settings…
  2. Click Account Actions in the lower left corner, then click Add Mail Account…

  3. The account setup dialog will appear. Enter your name, email address, and password. Click Continue.
  4. Thunderbird will try to discover your account settings for you. If successful, the only thing left to do is choose POP or IMAP (whichever you prefer) and click Create Account.

  5. Continue only if Thunderbird was unable to automatically determine server settings. Click Manual config in the lower left corner.

  6. The account setup dialog will expand. For the incoming server select POP or IMAP (whichever you prefer), then enter for Server hostname, and choose Autodetect for Port, SSL, and Authentication.

    For the outgoing server (SMTP) enter, and choose Autodetect for Port, SSL, and Authentication.

    Finally, enter your full email address as your Username, then click Re-test.

  7. Thunderbird will now automatically determine the best settings to connect to the mail service from your network. Once complete, click Create Account.

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